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Sandra's friendly and supportive approach guides small business owners through the pitfalls and opportunities of good financial management.

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“One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make, is ignoring their financial management at the start of the business, either because they are overwhelmed or they think their business is too small to warrant formal bookkeeping practices. However, the sooner you're able to establish good practices, the less likely you'll be to rack up penalties, interest, late fees and other unnecessary expenses”.

Sandra is passionate about helping the small businesses succeed, by showing the business how to really understand their financials, thus helping the business to grow and flourish. Having over 25 years of experience working with small businesses has made Sandra a firm believer in the importance of 'getting the basics right' and has designed the 'Back to Basics: Understanding your Business Finance' workshops as a way of sharing her knowledge and expertise. Sandra's friendly and supportive approach guides small business owners through the pitfalls and opportunities of good financial management. 

Know Your Money

This workshop will show you the best ways to:

  • Record your sales
  • Keep track of who owes you what and when
  • Chase for payments and set up a system to monitor them
  • Identify a process to avoid bad debts
  • Record all your costs, including cost of supplies and expenses
  • Know to whom you owe what and when

Formal methods to manage your money are essential to ensure your business survives and thrives.  It is important that you are in control of the money coming in and going out of your business by using a robust accounting system – it is crucial for your cash flow and credit rating. 

Know Your Sales and Costs

This workshop will show you the best ways to:

  • How to set your prices – how to price your service or product accurately
  • Working on samples of services and products ensuring the price is right
  • Looking at the fixed costs and the overhead costs
  • Identify if a sale or product is working for the business?

When examining the Cash Flow in the business, are we certain the sales that we are making are profitable or losing us money?  To ensure that we are keeping within a profit be it at break-even, or a substantial profit is the key in building the sustainable business.  When the money flows into the bank giving us the freedom to pay all our bills on time, eases the pressure and stress of financial worries from the business owner

Know Your Profit

Key points covered include:

  • To pull together all our Sales for any period of time
  • Calculate the total costs for the same period in time
  • Look at costs not yet billed
  • Plan for the larger bills, Company Tax, Vat, Insurance, Accountants bills etc
  • Take a close look at bad debts
  • Identify what are direct or fixed costs
  • Identify the overheads
  • Value the stock if there are products being sold
  • And finally...Know the Profit

All the above workshops at £350 +VAT each

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"Sandra Jones FMAAT is passionate about helping small businesses succeed. She believes that by showing them how to really understand their financials, they can go on to grow and flourish."

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