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Helping you to better understand your finances...

Every successful business needs someone on the inside who understands the ins and outs of the numbers. While Click 4 Accounts often acts as part of your business, it is smart practice to have someone trained on the inside who knows what is going on at all times.

I love numbers and I love what I do. I always have otherwise I wouldn’t have started my own accountancy practice; but a couple of years back I couldn’t help but feel my business was lacking something. It was the same way it had always been and yet I was finding that I wasn’t coming away with the same fulfilment that I always had at the end of the working day.

I continued like this for a couple of weeks until a friend of mine asked for some help in understanding their finances. I absolutely jumped on the chance. Was it possible that by teaching them how to manage their books, I could teach myself to love it again?

I still can’t believe when I look back to that moment; just how much the simple act of a friend asking a friend for some help has altered and grown my business.

Ever since I helped them, training has become a massive part of the business and is something that is offered to all clients who step through the door. We offer everything from one-to-ones to enable the business owner to gain a full understanding of the numbers that make up their business all the way through to bespoke courses that are adapted to suit whomever is booked on them.

So let me tell you more about the bespoke courses shall I?

What you'll learn

  • How to read a balance sheet
  • How to extract a sales invoice
  • How to calculate the sales you’ve achieved and what it’s cost to achieve each sale
  • How to do your VAT returns
  • How to manage your Payroll efficiently
  • Training in basic Bookkeeping
  • Training to manage the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) correctly
  • How to handle management accounts
  • Practical help in setting up in-house financial systems
  • VT software for producing statutory accounts and bookkeeping
  • Sage Line 50 to manage your accounts, payroll, cashflow and much more
  • Cloud packages for accounting, such as Kashflow and Xero

As each course is tailored to the recipient, more can be added if the company needs it.

What's included

Training With Sandra

From spending time with Sandra, you will benefit by seeing first-hand how an expert does the work, and then she will oversee you putting what you’ve learnt into action. Previous clients have been quoted claiming that Sandra has the patience of a Saint; and she is happy to spend as much time as necessary helping to guide you through the learning process.

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Recommended Reading List

No matter your craft; reading is absolutely fundamental, and the Bespoke training courses are no exception. It is not a requirement for you during the course, however it will be recommended for you to purchase certain books to help ensure you soar out of the classroom too.

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Correspondence and Guidance from Sandra for 2 Months

For 2 months after you’ve had your training, she will offer you free guidance over the phone or email when you need it.

If you’re still unsure that Bespoke training is for you then here are a list of reasons why you might be feeling that way...


It is not only the content of the course that can be tailored to suit each recipient; it is also the time frame. We will sit down and work out how often you want to come in and which days and times can be best suited to you. The course is here to guide and help you; and inevitably make your business life much simpler, it is not here to tie you down and stress you out more than you already are.


A course such as this is an investment that has saved previous students a bombshell in Accountancy fees since the completion of the training. What you will gain from the course will benefit the company forever; unlike forking out fees to external people who do not teach you how you can complete any processes without them.

Financial jargon is boring

Sandra single-handedly beats the jargon as far away from the courses as she possibly can. Of course, she is only one woman who cannot take on the entire financial sector by herself and win; but she personally puts up a good enough fight to keep it away from your training space, and make sure that you understand all of the lingo that turns up on your doorstep.

“My Accountant said that I don’t need to do this course”

Of course you don’t need to do this course; nobody needs to do anything (except from sleep and eat maybe), however it would be extremely beneficial for you to do so. Doing a course with Sandra is like going to the gym; of course you don’t have to go and do it, but you will notice the difference that it makes to your life tenfold by having started to go.